Feature film / pre-production

A film by Sebastian Minke
With Silje Aker Johnsen, Szymon Halik and others
Filming location: Tromsø & Ringvassøy, Norway

A couple is going to spend two weeks in their cabin in the north of Norway. 
During that weeks we will see couple life and things, working life and things and cabin life and things. 
Mostly reflected and focused on themselves, their work and their relationship, there will be some influence, “input from outside”, like nature and weather, the quietness and sometimes lonlieness, also a neighbour might be there for some visits or some requests.
This will however change some things, for them or for us, the viewer…

“This is about a relationship of humans, and the relationship of work and private. And it’s physical.
It’s about a dream of a living, loving, working together life, the inspiring itself couple
and the work, not the illusion, of a relationship like this.
It’s the hippie dream of a midfourty.
It’s about the problem of transferring the idealistic picture of a couple, a relationship, the parents (as a positive or negative example/picture, as we had or saw or believed in as a kid/teenager), into reality.
It’s also about disappointment. And there will be a happy-end. Maybe.
It’s a propaganda film for this kind of relationship and it’s about emancipation from the ideals, the pictures, the memories, the childhood or about finding out, that this is neither possible nor necessary…”

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